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Ecomet 2 S.r.l.

Ecomet 2 S.r.l.

It was back in distant 1921 that brothers Lorenzo and Cornelio Negro, initially making and selling pastes for cleaning equipment, started off their business in the neighbourhood of Turin. They gradually developed and moved from “production of cleaning pastes to equipment and products for the electroplating industry, together with metal surface treatments”.

With a view to guarantee continuity and a high standard of professionalism the company philosophy always focussed on in-depth knowledge of products and processes, and most importantly the handing over of the experience acquired to succeding partners in the course of many years. Today strong commitment to human value and prime quality still represent the main funding guiding principles.

Indeed, product update and the choice of the most economically viable solutions, while always strictly complying with the safest tecnological standards, have allowed ECOMET to place itself among the innovative leaders of the industry.

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