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  • Titanium:
    • baskets – anode hooks, mesh anodes (platinum plated – mixed oxydes), heating coils and cooling coils, semiproducts and equipment for anodic oxydation
  • Racks for inox steel electro-polishing
  • Polypropylene, polyethilene and PVC rotating sieves; minirotors
  • Electric heaters available in steel, porcelain, titanium, lead,
    pirex and teflon material
  • Graphite anodes
  • Meraklon bags for anodes and baskets (own production, size available: custom built)
  • Electrolytic copper wire (coils)
  • Paper cardboards and filtering paper
  • Filtering cartridges, made of polypropylene and cotton
  • Active-carbon cartridges
  • Active carbon and special fibres to purify chemical baths
  • Polyethylene spheres/balls to cover chemical baths
  • Equipment to test and measure coating thickness
  • Saline fog chambers for accelerated corrosion tests
  • Densimeters – thermometers – indicator papers
  • PH meters– dosing pumps – ampere meters – electro-chemical analysers
  • Hull cells (air supply and heater device are optional)
  • Cathodes and anodes for Hull cells