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Impianti e macchine

Tools and plants

  • Vibratory finishing
    • Vibratory tumblers for mass smoothing, deburring and brightening processes
    • Rubber or polyurethane coating to apply on any tool or equipment
    • Automatic lines for continuous surface polish and deburring
    • Dryers with automated item selection
  • Plating process
    • Manual or automatic machines for all plating processes
    • Power rectifiers for laboratory tests or industrial use
    • Filter pumps to filter through paper, cartridge or canvass
    • Centrifugal dryer to dry metal smallware
    • Rotor centrifuges to apply sealers and lubricants
  • Waste water purification and treatment
    • Equipment to purify waste water from plating processes and vibratory finishing
  • Miscellaneous
    • Manual or automatic sand blasting cabinets and shot blaster devices
    • Washing machines and equipment for industrial washing,
      avalaible with or without ultrasounds
    • Equipment for inox steel electro-polishing and pickling
    • Refrigerating equipment to cool down closed-loop galvanic baths
    • Filter presses and demineralizers
    • Vacuum treatment plants for metal-coating, sputtering, PVD; plasma and PECVD