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The peculiar and somehow unexpected discovery of a business envelope marked with the company name of NEGRO CORNELIO, previously Negro Lorenzo and Cornelio, sent to the Berlin Chamber of Commerce, inequivocably traces ECOMET’s history back to the year 1921, with registered offices found at Via Barge 4, Turin.

A few years later a valued certification found at the State Register of the City of Turin drawn up in the form of a private agreement stated as followed:

“the scope of business is the making and selling of pastes for cleaning equipment; the selling and distribution of equipment, accessories and tools for metal finishing”

In 1959 when Livio Anzola and Gabriele Gianolio joined the company, the scope of activities was broadened and the company’s biz also included “the commercialization of products, tools and accessories for the metal plating industry”. In April 1963 when founder Cornelio Negro reached retirement age the company was renamed “Anzolia Livio” with offices then moving to Via Maria Vittoria 48, Turin.

The acquisition of exclusive brands in the region of Piedmont, such as Barattini Spa Milano, Cofermet Metalli Spa Milano, Tecnofinish Srl and Sillem Spa, transferring to new larger premises in Corso Appio Claudio 229/5 and appointing the company “SIAGAT Snc” (Società Italiana Applicazioni Galvaniche Affini Torino).

The arrival of fresh and younger partners, namely, Renato Ponzi, Domenico Torta, Aldo Peruch and Enrico Masoli brought new lymph to Siagat Snc. Shortly the newly formed crew was followed by Espedito Cappa.

In 1978 the new team gives birth to  “Metaltecno Snc”.

With Livio Anzola’s retirement time is mature to set off the launch of the new enterprise named “ECOMET” and owned by G. Gianolio and C. Snc (individual company), which will later become ECOMET Srl (limited liability company).

Meanwhile Enrico Mottura, another member, joins ECOMET Srl in early 1984.

In 1999 with the purpose to guarantee its Clients first-rate products, maximum commitment and reliability ECOMET Srl seeks and obtains ISO 9001 certification which ensures compliance to the latest safety standards in accordance with current strictest law requirements.

In 2007 following the ever-changing pace of the industry and the pressing rules and regulations that apply to hazardous chemical products ECOMET Srl is sold and merged to Coventya Spa.
The Directors Masoli, Cappa and Mottura decide to set up ECOMET 2 Srl now encompassing the following activities:

“the acquisition, distribution and selling of industrial products as well as the manufacturing, mixing and marketing of chemical products, including equipment and tools to treat metal surfaces and plastics, in addition to equipment and facilities to purify air fumes, waste water and other substances”

To celebrate the achievement of 100 years of activity, Ecomet2 Srl renews its identity with the development of a new logo.

Today, as a result of successful partnerships with market leaders coupled with the consistent technical know-how and the extensive experience partners of ECOMET 2 have acquired directly at plating sites, the company offers its clients the top-notch and most cost-effective products available in the plating industry.