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Preparazione superfici

Surface preparation


  • Plating
    • Immersion degreasers (water-based and powder)
    • Electrolyte degreasers (water-based and powder)
    • Acid Picklers and corrosion inhibiters
  • Vibratory finishing
    • Ceramic and plastic media, all shapes and sizes available
    • Chemical compounds for metal smoothing, chipping and other process
      for metal brightening
    • Vegetable granulates obtained from corn cob, available in various coarse grit
    • Stainless steel spheres for brightening cabinets
  • Miscellaneous
    • Glass-made micro beads, available in various coarse grit
    • Abrasives for sanding, graining and shot blasting
    • Spray degreasers
    • Degreasers to be used during the various working stages